Review: presentation and argumentation training

In the words of Sergei Afanasev, whom I trained in argumentation and presentation skills for six months.

I came to Merel puzzled but left acute.

Merel is a sharp professional. Right at the beginning she helped me to clarify my needs and set unambiguous goals. Merel delivered argumentation theory in a simple way. The core of every session was me, practicing and developing my skills. She is demanding, but I felt comfortable with her. She persistently but elegantly pushed my boundaries in every session.

Merel inspires. She always selected and tailored only the juiciest materials for me to work with: WSJ, The New Yorker, HBO shows, TED Talks. However, Merel also dug out some unexpectedly special stuff. I worked with scandalous articles from the Daily Mail, long-reads from nerdy forums, or even rap songs. I could deconstruct any type of content, see how theory works in practice, try it out myself.

Merel has helped me to see a whole new spectrum of ways people present and argue. She has trained me to see behind the words, which helps me to speak and think clearly.